ElanLyf – A Simple Guide

What should we even be trying to do as humans? How do we make the most of this one life?

These questions have haunted me since I can remember, and the answers I’ve found are slippery. Should we grab whatever pleasure we can in this moment and disregard the future? Or maybe we should cast all self-interest aside and simply serve others. Maybe seeking enlightenment in a cave is the answer, or perhaps catching as many waves as possible while avoiding responsibility. 

After researching and experimenting with many frameworks for ‘living the good life’, I have created a framework of my own called ‘ElanLyf’. In one sentence, ElanLyf means living life with a vigorous spirit. In short, a vigorous spirit is one that 1. has an aim (or purpose) 2. has abundant energy 3. has a healthy mindset and 4. takes daily, constructive action. 

But why is living with a vigorous spirit ‘the answer’? Again, what are we even trying to do here on Earth? We have one life, how should we use it? Personally, my biggest fear is to wakeup on my deathbed (I know that moment is much closer than it seems), look back at my life and think, “What a waste. What was I thinking?” Instead, I’m determined to think, “Hell yea! That was a life well-lived. I lived it to its fullest. I felt truly alive. I didn’t waste a moment of my one, precious life.”

How do I ensure that on my deathbed I am fully satisfied with my life? The answer lies in living with a vigorous spirit. Living with a vigorous spirit means finding enjoyment in every moment, cultivating and exploring curiosity, being filled with strong, positive energy, developing the skills you need for full self-expression, establishing beautiful relationships with other people, being a force for good on this earth.

Living life in this manner is a trainable skill and the good news is, your starting point doesn’t matter. Progress is the goal, not perfection. All it takes is to focus on one area, one skill at a time and get better EVERY DAY. Do not let a day pass that you don’t make progress.

Before we move on, two disclaimers. I do not claim that this framework is superior to any other, nor do I claim it to be 100% original. There are many valid frameworks for life, ElanLyf is one of those: a darn good one. And, all ideas present in the ElanLyf framework were preexisting; I simply took good ideas from many sources and arranged them into a comprehensive method.

With that aside, I will lay out the method in the simplest terms possible.

The Core 4 Areas of Life

1. Aiming your life at a goal or value (finding your life’s purpose)
2. Cultivating strong, positive energy
3. Developing a constructive mindset
4. Taking daily, constructive action


1. Each of the 4 Areas is essential; if you forget one area the whole thing falls apart
2. You have the ability to grow in each Area, growth is infinite
3. Improvement in one Area leads to improvement in all Areas
4. Results are not linear (sometimes you will see disproportionate progress, other days you might feel like you’re regressing); you must trust the process, do the work, and results will come
5. Focus on 1 thing, and improve EVERY DAY

As this guide is intended to present ElanLyf in the most simple terms possible, I will now list skills that need to be developed in each area. I will not be getting into the ‘how’ or ‘why’, those will be found in separate articles. Remember, all 4 Areas are connected and by improving one you improve all. Here goes:

1. Aiming your life at a goal or value (finding your life’s purpose)

a. Determine your values
b. Take a stab at what you want
c. Pick your ‘aim’ and determine the skills that are required for its attainment
d. Create a plan of attainment
e. Implement the plan

2. Cultivating strong, positive energy
a. Diet
b. Exercise
c. Sleep
d. Breathwork
e. Meditation
f. Obsession/aim/game/etc.
g. External Environment

3. Developing a constructive mindset
a. Goal Setting
b. Mental Imagery (visualization)
c. Self-Talk
d. Confidence
e. Focus/Controlled Attention (Carnegie)
f. Breath Control
g. Mental Toughness
h. Anxiety management
i. Enjoyment (fun, play, and humor)
j. Body Language
k. Intensity
l. Personal Affirmations
m. Organized Thought
n. Applied Faith
o. Learning from defeat

4. Taking daily, constructive action
a. Identify your ‘aim’ each morning
b. Know what skills you need to be successful
c. Start learning those skills
d. Make progress EVERY DAY
e. Priority list
f. Daily Goal/Plan
g. Nightly Reflection
h. Alarms throughout day to remind action plan
i. Develop Habits
j. Process over results
k. Master Mind Alliance
l. Going the Extra Mile
m. Self-discipline
n. Wise Use of Resources
o. Team Work
p. Applied Golden Rule

Here is a basic plan for anyone:

1. Determine your ‘aim’ and the ‘why’ behind it
2. Create a plan to attain your ‘aim’
3. Write down your ‘aim’ and read it first thing every morning
4. Each morning, pick one skill to work on; work on that one skill that day
5. Each night reflect on your skill training. Did you make progress? What could you have done better?

That is ElanLyf at its most basic core: daily improvement on a skill in one of the four Areas.

Of course, determining the Area and skill that would provide the most leverage towards living ElanLyf (living with a vigorous spirit) for each individual is more difficult than that. That’s where my personal coaching services can provide tremendous value to you. Please check out my coaching page or send me an email at [email protected] if you have questions or would like a free consultation.

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